La doble de Jennifer Lopez es una joven fisiculturista

Por María Fernanda Velásquez

Su gran parecido con JLo ha generado polémica en las redes sociales

20/Jul 2017


No cabe duda que cada persona es inigualable, sin embargo, recientemente se ha descubierto que Jennifer Lopez tiene una espectacular doble. Se trata de Janice Garay, una practicante de fisicoculturismo que ha sorprendido por el parecido que tiene con la diva del Bronx.

Janiece se hace llamar en sus redes sociales como Jay from Houston y actualmente se ha convertido en tendencia gracias al parecido físico que tiene con la cantante.

En algunas fotos de sus redes sociales se ha comparado con la cantante. Lo que más ha llamado la atención es que los rasgos de su rostro son bastante parecidos a los de JLo y, si no fuera por los músculos, se diría que son hermanas gemelas.

Hace unos días, la guapa atleta compartió un divertido meme en su cuenta personal de Instagram en el que con humor afirmaba que “Si ‘The Rock y J.Lo tuvieran una hija de seguro se vería así

⚡️100k!? ??? ???????I'm so speechless, I want to thank all of my followers/fans/friends/family and even the haters for the love an support! ?????? Now I am worldwide being shown on all the Hispanic channels, radio stations, blogs, all over social media! ?This is where it all started with this meme About 4 weeks ago LOL, then more memes were being made shortly after that, most of my pictures were popping on the explore page all the time apparently, people assuming I was @jlo but little did they know I'm a Figure Competitor That lives in Houston, Tx name "JAY" not JLO. Lol I appreciate everyone who stands up for me with all this negativity going around, I see your comments trust me I just don't have the time to reply back to everyone to say TY, but now I'm telling all of you???! As you know I'm in prep getting ready to hit the stage in L.A California on July 22nd - LA Championships I worked my ass off every single day for this show no matter what was going on in my life (good&Bad) or how I was feeling...I want everyone to notice me for my dedication An hard work for bodybuilding not some "want to be jlo" that people claim of me to be . Even thow, I do have the most respect and love for Jennifer Lopez , people who know me know I admire her An look up to her ever Since the movie Selena came out. I keep getting asked "how do you deal with all this negativity and hate jay?" well because I'm so focused on my own goals An dreams that no matter what is being thrown my way, it won't ever break me because I've been through worst situations that most of you will never know! That's why I remain humble, I'm just a girl from Houston trying to make it big in the fitness industry to become Ms. Figure Olympia! Just Remember, anything is possible, you have to work for what you want, invest and stay away from distractions and negative people in your life, nobody will ever understand but that's okay your doing this for you, not them so in the end who cares what people have to say about you. I'm over here being hated so much but god is blessing me with opportunities in my life! So who is really Winning?! ??‍♀️????? Love you all! Thx again! - Jay ?

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De acuerdo a sus publicaciones, la deportista es vocera de una marca de suplementos y su categoría deportiva es Figura NPC, una organización dedicada al fisiculturismo en Estados Unidos.

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